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We decided to put this comment from the previous post, “Join the fight to stop the abuse of political power by KJ Village and its allies” as a new post, so you can comment on it.

garry, on November 22, 2013 at 12:50 am said:

I know so many people, residence of the KJ village, I know the system there very well, they are very nice and inelegant people, they have so many organization’s to help people in need, in every situation, not only Jews, but every human being. The village of KJ operates under the law, with a wonderful powerful Legal team to serve each and every residence of the village, they will never discriminate anyone. they have already faces so many challenges by a few unhappy people, self hating Jews are trying to destroy the village, but they were never successful in doing so for one simple reason:

Because each and every politician, from the local once throughout NYC, Albany and even Washington know that this 30 year old village are a symbol of a honesty, and intelligence. And they are respectful by everyone. And I can insure you one thing: you guys are just wasting your time, Because whoever tried to hurt the village of KJ ended up losing the battle.

The mayor of KJ is a very respectful guy, someone who will do everything in his power to bring peace between the 2 fractions in the village. Whoever dreams to succeed in this nonsense mission to close down this village should just know that your afford is worthless, and you you guys gonna end up as the biggest losers. Because we all know the truth here. This is all about hate! It has nothing to do with fighting corruption, nothing to do with fighting abuse! Just hate, hate, and again hate!

And here is my advice to you guys behind this Childish act; go get a life, go do something with your life, life is too short to west it with such worthless acts. Go get some degree, get a hospital Job, do something meaningful, go help other people in their needs. I can see that you guys are starving and hungry for a little attention, I guess you guys never got some love from your parents, and your going through very painful situations. You can find very good therapists and doctors to help you with your mentally Difficulties. ( the village of KJ might be able to help you find the right Doctor…) just think before writing, before opening a website, Because you might find your self stuck in a very deep ditch, full of Fantasies and hatred that will destroy your life. Go get some medical attention before it’s too late.

Good luck! And thanks for sharing your sweet dreams! LoL

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  1. Just a copy and paste from the complaint, paragraphs #70 & #71

    On or about July 2011, Plaintiff’s psychiatrist, Rabbi Dr. Price, informed Plaintiff and his wife that he saw no real necessity for Plaintiff taking the psychotropic medication that had been prescribed to Plaintiff at an earlier time under the direction of the Plaintiff’s family. Dr. Price also informed Plaintiff that as long as he insisted on continuing the religious campaign, Plaintiff would not get his children back.

    Defendant Miriam Teitelbaum disagreed with Dr. Price, insisting that Dr. Price tell Plaintiff that he must take medication. Defendant Miriam Teitelbaum’s request was an effort to stop Plaintiff from his religious campaign through the use of medication. This tactic is a commonly used in the community in order to gain control over someone, and was in fact the tactic that had resulted in the prescribing of the psychotropic medication to Plaintiff in the first place.


    • this complaint doesn’t change the fact that this village is a wonderful village, and this doesn’t prove that everything the complaint said is true. and i never said that they are perfect, yes! they are human brings and they can do mistakes here and there, but they will most of the time treat everyone equally, and do not discriminate anyone.

      the activities by the village of kiryas joel is being observed and closely monitored by the federal authority’s and they cannot do whatever they want. this is childish talk.

      whenever there were misunderstandings between the village of kj and there non-Jewish neighbors from the surrounding villages the mayor of kj and his team put in so much afford to listen to them, and come to a dialog on several controversial issues, and he was always successful to cool down the heat, and get the problems salved.


      • Garry,

        The fact you believe the Village of KJ is a wonderful village is because you benefit from its actions which are often at the detriment of its neighbors. Also, please stop with this false dichotomy of Jewish vs non-Jewish neighbors. The Town of Monroe has no shortage of secular Jews who are equally scornful of the practices of KJ vis-a-vie its neighbors. This is a KJ vs everyone else issue.

        No one thinks KJ is an entirely bad place nor do we have a lack of respect for you. I happen to find many elements of your culture to be admirable, most notably the way in which you provide for the common welfare of each other. We could all take a lesson from that.

        Look at a similar people, the Amish. They share a similar dress, language and outlook on life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard negative remarks made toward them, as they contribute their fair share and are not a net drain on the system.

        If you wish to earn the respect of your neighbors you should encourage your compatriots to stop subverting the democratic process to your own ends at the cost of everyone else. End the graft and manipulation of the system. Stop damaging communities you live in. Only then will others look scornfully upon you. You might even make a friend in the process.


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