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Paul S., in reply to Garry:


The fact you believe the Village of KJ is a wonderful village is because you benefit from its actions which are often at the detriment of its neighbors. Also, please stop with this false dichotomy of Jewish vs non-Jewish neighbors. The Town of Monroe has no shortage of secular Jews who are equally scornful of the practices of KJ vis-a-vie its neighbors. This is a KJ vs everyone else issue.

No one thinks KJ is an entirely bad place nor do we have a lack of respect for you. I happen to find many elements of your culture to be admirable, most notably the way in which you provide for the common welfare of each other. We could all take a lesson from that.

Look at a similar people, the Amish. They share a similar dress, language and outlook on life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard negative remarks made toward them, as they contribute their fair share and are not a net drain on the system.

If you wish to earn the respect of your neighbors you should encourage your compatriots to stop subverting the democratic process to your own ends at the cost of everyone else. End the graft and manipulation of the system. Stop damaging communities you live in. Only then will others look scornfully upon you. You might even make a friend in the process.

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  1. Don’t let anyone pull that anti semitism crap. If they continue to subvert the democratic process I will continue to fight them


  2. I agree with Paul S. I used to live in Amish country; they were friendly and neighborly. Their teen girls would babysit for several families in the area and many of us bought produce from them. When we saw them in the market or passed them in the street, they said hello. Their men would hold open doors for a woman with her hands full. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening here. Just the other her day, my husband saw a woman who was not from KJ) with a package and a baby in her arms, barely making it to the post office door. As my husband got out of the car, he saw two male Hasidics approach the post office door, walk around the woman, and let the door close. It was infuriating because my husband was too far away to help.He finished his business just as the woman and the two men reached the door. My husband held the door for the woman and let the door close after him in front of the men. This is probably indicative of all the men in KJ, but this is an example of not being a good neighbor.


    • Deb A,

      With all due respect, I would not judge a whole community by a single incident of two individuals.

      Bruce W.


    • I know a lot of neighbors from KJ who are friendly, and would do a favor to their non Jewish neighbors anytime, we criticize their leadership who lack respect for their own fellow community members and to their neighbors.


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