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Valerie Prunty:

This link might help a lot of this trouble they figure to wear you all down been there done that. This link is for open meeting LAWS I truly think it might help all of you actually keep an eye on any special meetings which should also be published. Link

Valerie Prunty:

The more informed we are the better Emily I hope you feel better

United Monroe:

Hi Valerie Prunty. The Town Board is in constant violation of the open meetings law. Back in the spring, I called the Committee on Open Government since the town board called an emergency meeting after teenagers were arrested in the Village of Monroe for tossing onions at people around the ponds. First of all, this was a Village issue. The Town Board had no business calling a meeting. Secondly, Harley Doles called the press to this meeting in an attempt to illustrate antisemitism since one of the people pelted with an onion happened to be Hasidic. This random, silly act perpetrated by 3 teenagers was singlehandedly being turned into a hate crime when the village police most certainly did NOT classify it as such. Harley Doles violated the open meetings law that day and practiced hate baiting in an effort to paint the people of Monroe as antisemitic in order to secure his position as spokesman for the Hasidic community.

This story doesn’t end there. Councilman McQuade then stated that his home was also pelted with onions that same day due to his support of the Hasidic Village and he proceeded, along with Doles, to FOIL request the village police report while filing his own report claiming he was also a victim of this “hate” crime.

5, 700 registered voters stayed home this past November 5th. You mean to tell me that three teenagers knew who Gerard McQuade was, knew where he lived, and threw onions at his house as a political statement? Bullsh*t.

The danger of these tactics by the town board can’t be measured or quantified, however, I believe we have a boy who cried wolf situation waiting to happen. When and if a real hate crime occurs, and I hope it never does, I know my first thought will be that doles and mcquade are behind it. And this, my friends, is the Town we’re living in. May justice prevail.

United Monroe:

Pardon my typos, I was posting from my phone.

Tish McHugh:

So, if the Town Board is in constant violation of the open meetings law, what can be done to stop this violation?

United Monroe:

The only way to stop a municipality from abuse is to contact the DA with information (the current DA has not been helpful). We’ll have a new DA in January who will be more proactive. Also, an article 78 can be filed. This is legal action and costs a great deal of money. An article 78 means that a municipality broke their own rules- such is the case with regards to the Town Board’s purchase of the Monroe movie theater.

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