Obvious Corruption and Violations by Village of Kiryas Joel leaders

Action Item for the day from United Monroe:

Please cut and paste the below letter to Governor Cuomo at this link. Place the letter in the “comment” section of the contact form here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/contact/GovernorContactForm.php

Here is the letter:

Dear Governor Cuomo,

The people of Monroe, NY and the surrounding area are deeply affected by the obvious corruption and violations perpetrated by the Town Board of Monroe as well as the Village of Kiryas Joel leaders.

The people of Monroe and the surrounding region have observed violations and criminal activity in the following areas: elected officials code of conduct violations, flagrant open meeting’s law violations, institutionalized voter fraud, electioneering, intimidation, hate baiting and misuse and abuse of taxpayer funds.

This corruption and abuse is extreme and must be addressed. The United Monroe grassroots organization, who ran third party candidates in an attempt to unseat the current, Kiryas Joel backed Monroe Town Board, is working to expose this corruption and our organization is growing every day. Our third party candidates who ran in the November 5th 2013 fraud-ridden election, received 97% of the votes (over 6,000) outside of Kiryas Joel in Monroe. Kiryas Joel, by fraudulently voting, secured their chosen Town Board seats with 99% of the Kiryas Joel vote.

This situation is critical. Without a fair election, we have no democratic process, no representation, and may lose 507 acres of mostly rural residential zoned Monroe land to the urban Village of Kiryas Joel. If annexed, the quality of life for those in Monroe and surrounding towns, traffic, air quality, tax rate, water and sewer and school district will be in jeopardy. Our sewer district, as well as the Ramapo River, simply cannot handle more effluent. This will affect Rockland County as well as Northern New Jersey’s drinking water.

Kiryas Joel leaders have consistently shown disregard for the environment, disregard for code, and have operated under a veil of secrecy with no responses to FOIL requests, no village website, and no regularly scheduled village meetings. The attempt to annex this 507 acres is directly related to the need to finance the massive water pipeline the Village of Kiryas Joel is constructing, much to the disapproval and concern of all of the neighboring municipalities. The Village of Kiryas Joel, due to their interest in the revenue gained from the development of the 507 acres in order to fund the pipeline, cannot be a neutral party in the impending SEQRA review process and should therefore not be granted lead agency status by the DEC.

That, coupled with the consistent disregard for the environment and SEQRA by the Kiryas Joel government, along with the Monroe Town Board’s interest in representing only those who elected them, creates a situation ripe for corruption and a biased SEQRA process.

Please contact Emily Convers, Chair of the United Monroe organization, at 845.300.9762 or email her at UnitedMonroe@gmail.com to further discuss the above mentioned issues in more detail.

Thank you for your consideration.
Taxpayer and Voter,
[your name]


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