Monroe vote tallies illuminate sharp divide

The Fray
By Chris McKenna | Published: December 6, 2013

No big surprise here, but a breakdown of voting results by election districts in Monroe brings into sharp relief the conflicting preferences of voters on opposite sides of Route 17 in the three-way race for town supervisor.

United Monroe candidate Emily Convers won a commanding 90 percent of the vote in districts outside Kiryas Joel on Nov. 5, with Democratic town Councilman Harley Doles and Republican incumbent Sandy Leonard splitting the remaining 10 percent. The vote totals there were 5,990 for Convers, 360 for Doles and 282 for Leonard.

But across the Quickway, Doles won an almost comically lopsided share of Kiryas Joel votes, enough to push him to a comfortable victory despite a higher number of votes cast for supervisor in the rest of Monroe. Endorsed by leaders of both of Kiryas Joel’s voting blocs, Doles won 6,430 votes there, compared to 14 for Leonard and 6 for Convers.

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