letter of june 6, 2012

From: Jacob Teitelbaum
c/o Ben Friedman
5 Leipnik Way # 102,
Monroe N. Y. 10950

To:    The Honorable Vincent L. Briccetti
United States District Court Judge
Southern District of New York
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, New York, 10601

Re: Jacob Teitelbaum Vs. Juda Katz et al. 12-cv-2858 VB

Dear Judge Briccetti,

I am Jacob Teitelbaum, Plaintiff in this action.

I had filed the above captioned action with this Honorable Court on Apr 11th 2012, and I have, since that time, been threatened, intimidated, and harassed in an attempt to force me to withdraw my complaint.

Today these actions reach a crescendo when I became the victim of false charges filed in the local criminal court, being brought by my wife to get me out of the house. The sole purpose of the complaint is that I stop the Federal action; my wife has become a token, used by some of the parties to the Federal action, who are attempting to force me to withdraw the action (this was part of the original plan by the parties to this action, as detailed in my complaint).

I am sacred for my personal safety at this point and  I urgently and respectfully ask this Honorable Court to have this investigated by the appropriate Federal agency, to protect myself, or in any other manner the Court finds suitable and proper.

Dated at Monroe, in the County of Orange and State of New York this 6 day of June 2012.



Jacob Teitelbaum

Attached is copy of the charges.