Letter of January 8, 2013

From: Jacob Teitelbaum
c/o Ben Friedman
5 Leipnik Way # 102,
Monroe N. Y. 10950

To: The Honorable Vincent L. Briccetti
United States District Court Judge
Southern District of New York
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, New York, 10601

Re: Jacob Teitelbaum Vs. Juda Katz et al. 12-cv-2858 VB

Dear Judge Briccetti,

I am Jacob Teitelbaum, Plaintiff in this action and I am writing the Court to bring to Your Honor’s attention a matter that I had raised in a previous letter to the Court but which has now risen to a level that is directly interfering with my ability to effectively move forward in this matter.

Under the direction of various parties in the local religious community (various unnamed John Doe Defendants) and under the guise of enabling her to regain custody of our children my wife has taken my cell phone, my money, and when I attempt to use the home phone she listens in on my calls. This is all done in an attempt to compel me to discontinue this action by taking away my ability to be in contact with my friend, Ben Friedman. My wife has purportedly turned my phone over to a Rabbi and tells me that she is being instructed to do all of this by various Rabbis and other religious community leaders.

As this Court is aware I have limited English communication skills and have relied on my friend Ben Friedman to assist me in this and other matters. The attempts to limit or eliminate my contact with those who are helping me through these matters is actually a direct attempt in interfere with the judicial process. I am asking Your Honor to afford me whatever help is available by and through this Court to ensure that my right to move forward is not continued to be interfered with. I thank Your Honor for his time and attention to this matter.

Respectfully Submitted,                   Dated January 8, 2013, Monroe, NY.


Jacob Teitelbaum, Plaintiff, ProSe