Letter of February 11, 2013

From: Jacob Teitelbaum
c/o Ben Friedman
5 Leipnik Way # 102,
Monroe N. Y. 10950

To: The Honorable Vincent L. Briccetti
United States District Court Judge
Southern District of New York
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, New York, 10601

Re: Jacob Teitelbaum Vs. Juda Katz et al. 12-cv-2858 VB

Dear Judge Briccetti,

I am Jacob Teitelbaum, the Plaintiff in this action, and I am writing the Court to bring to Your Honor’s attention a matter that I had raised in a previous letter to the Court but which has now risen to a level that I am trapped by the Defendants, the information is as follows:

According to Torah Law , as practiced in our communities, a husband is not allowed to remarry before giving his present wife a Get (religious divorce), even if they have already obtained a civil divorce. Under ordinary circumstances the willingness of the wife to accept such a Get would be a must, however, there are some exceptions where a husband can remarry even his wife does not agree to the Get. For example when the wife does not want to live with the husband and does not want to accept a Get, the Rabbinical Court can permit the husband to remarry without such a Get.

From what I have learned in the past two weeks, since my Wife brought the Order of Protection which is based on false allegations, she is not willing to either live with me or to accept a Get. That is, unless, 1) I break up my ties with my friend Ben Friedman, 2) stop my religious campaign against forced divorces, and, 3) withdraw this action. Additionally, the Rabbinical Court is not willing to fight these Defendants and co-conspirators and grant me permission to remarry without a Get. Despite this, the Rabbinical Court has expressly stated they will not involve, although My Wife would not accept a Get, and she has stated that she will not continue to live with me for the next two years unless the above three conditions are met, this I have verified according to her own account. These and similar tactics are used only against people in the community against whom it is certain that they will not break the religious laws and cheat, they would not risk and take a chance to test those who may cheat and therefore be undeterred by such intimidating action, since they know I will not break the religious laws, they feel comfortable to keep me hostage in their trap.

At same time, these Defendants have their say against the Plaintiff all over the community, especially these two; 1) Ms. Pasternak, who is a family member and very close to my wife, and, 2) Mr. Joel Spitzer, who is very close to my wife’s father and is involved in this matter for the Defendants. These people (and others) constantly accost me on the street and attempt to berate and intimidate me into dropping this action by trying to make me feel guilty for breaking apart my family, and trying to convince me that it is my duty to please my wife at any price.

I feel that it is necessary to bring these matters to the Court’s attention so that Your Honor can better appreciate the need to allow my claims to move forward and into Discovery.  I appreciate Your Honor’s time and consideration of these issues.

Respectfully Submitted,                                Dated February 11, 2013, Monroe, NY.


Jacob Teitelbaum, Plaintiff Prose