Letter of December 24, 2012

From: Jacob Teitelbaum
c/o Ben Friedman
5 Leipnik Way # 102,
Monroe N. Y. 10950

To: The Honorable Vincent L. Briccetti
United States District Court Judge
Southern District of New York
300 Quarropas Street
White Plains, New York, 10601

Re: Jacob Teitelbaum Vs. Juda Katz et al. 12-cv-2858 VB

Dear Hon. Judge Briccetti,

I am Jacob Teitelbaum, Plaintiff in this action. I had filed the above captioned action with this Honorable Court on Apr 11th 2012, and I have made this Court aware that on prior occasions I have been threatened, intimidated, and harassed in an attempt to force me to withdraw my complaint. However, this situation has gained a new immediacy with renewed and escalated attempts to force me to with draw my complaint here.

On December 14, 2012 a hearing was held in the Family Court of Orange County, at hearing at which I was not allowed. This court had previously issued an order that as a ProSe defendant I was not allowed to appear, contact the court, or have any involvement in the custody proceedings involving my children. (I have attached the Order from that court) I have been told by my wife that at that hearing, and at the insistence of many of the named and unnamed Defendants in my Federal action, it was decided that if she removed me from our marital residence she could regain custody of our children. Additionally she asserts that she was told by a Rabbi, who is either a named or unnamed Defendant and conspirator, that she should do all within her ability to cut off my contact from those who are assisting me with this action. Towards that end she has taken my cell phone and, by her own account, removed it from our residence and will not return it to me. And again, she asserts that she is doing this at the insistence of her Rabbi.

Your Honor, as the various Defendants have moved for dismissal, some more timely than others, there is an abundance of evidence that the named and unnamed Defendants in my action continue to work in concert, conspiring with the powers that be in our community to destroy my family. Even the Family Court has not kept me posted on actions that directly affect my rights in my children, they have ordered me not to participate unless I do so with their appointed agent as my attorney. Additionally, that same court has denied me a translator even though I speak very little English, clearly in violation of my 6th Amendment Rights.

You Honor, the ongoing conspiracy and the violations of my constitutional rights goes on unabated and unaffected by this action that the Defendants apparently believe they will get dismissed because, as a ProSe litigant, I am not legally up to par with them. In fact it appears to have escalated in an attempt to coerce me to abandon this Federal Action. I ask Your Honor to consider the ongoing violations of my Rights and to allow me proceed to discover against all of the Defendants as dismissal at this time and with their ongoing individual and joint behavior would seriously compromise this Plaintiff’s ability to protect his family and himself from the ongoing harm. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dated December 24, 2012, Monroe, NY.


Jacob Teitelbaum,

Plaintiff, ProSe