KJPE (Kiryas Joel Power Elite) Racketeering Activity

From United Monroe:

Yvette D’LuXe D’Void, this is a complex situation.

It’s the KJ leaders, who we refer to as the KJPE (Kiryas Joel Power Elite) who wield all of the control over their citizens.

This so-called government controls everything- the housing, who gets to pray and where, the yeshivas, it’s all connected.

The KJPE and the land barons run the show.

The men on top stand to make billions from this development deal.

This is an illegal land grab to change the zoning from rural to urban to sell thousands of housing units and make billions of dollars.

These leaders don’t care about the quality of life or comfort of their own citizens although they pretend to.

They care about money and power.

We have no issue with the owners of the 507 building homes according to current zoning for this land.

The citizens could happily live in single family homes with a yard for their kids to play in.

The KJPE don’t want this.

They want to build 5 or 6 story apartments, instantly triple their voting bloc power, made billions, rinse and repeat.

That’s the plan, and it’s far reaching and it looks an awful lot like racketeering.

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