Kiryas Joel Village and allied religious groups violate the Constitution and take control of federal and state courts

This site was opened to expose the corrupted and fraudulent actions of the religiously controlled Kiryas Joel Village, NY. Together with other religious groups, the leaders of the KJ Village control in a mafia-like manner, often under color of law, how community constituents must behave and block the freedoms of whomever they deem problematic and a threat to their mafia-control system.

The KJ Village has a history of harassing people in the community and abusing its political power to get what they want—regardless of whose rights they trample on—in a way that no other city in this country has ever done. The village and allied religious groups are involved in orchestrated powerful and systemic church and state violations, civil rights violations, violating free speech and freedom of religion, taking control of state and federal courts, and systemic terror against those deemed a problem.

This site and blog is open to anyone, and as the Village and other religious groups continue in the corrupt manner, this site will serve to expose their fraud. Join the fight to stop this abuse of political power.

This federal action was brought by a resident in this Hasidic, ultra-Orthodox, close-knit community of KJ Village, who became a terror victim once he spoke out against criminal actions done under false religious pretenses.

In 2010, he got involved in a campaign to stop forced divorces that have been taking place through the use of criminal kidnappings within the community. Threatened by the campaign, some people aligned with the mafia religious groups in the community tried to silence him by constantly terrorizing and intimidating him. Officials from Orange County and others outside the community where then joined in their campaign to stop him.

After protracted terror and civil rights violations, in which county officials had played along to fraudulently facilitate these violations under color of law, he filed a lawsuit in federal court against his terrorizers, including the KJ Village and Orange County seeking protection and justice.

Subsequently the harassment and intimidation picked up with increased fervor and he soon found himself extremely terrorized, expelled from the Village, and homeless. His family was broken up and his children were taken from him—all in a plot to block his access to courts and stop his involvement in the religious campaign.

The religious groups and the mafia behind this terror in conjunction with the KJ Village then decided to use their powerful connections and political influence to conspire with the County Attorney as well as the other attorneys involved to contact the federal judge presiding over the case, Judge Briccetti, and convince him to back off and turn a blind eye, in the same manner they did with the State Judge.

Not only did Judge Briccetti stop performing his role as a neutral judge, but, acting under the influence of the KJ Village, he also became a participant in furthering the object of the conspiracy. The victim has now brought another lawsuit in federal court to set aside Judge Briccetti’s actions as it was induced by fraud.

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  1. Really appreciate your efforts to fight against such criminal groups who are doing crime under the shadow of religions. Its a very bad situation that they have control over federal and state courts.


  2. Hats off to the victim who has raise his voice against these powerful criminals. Although the circumstances not going in his favor but sooner or later justice is due.

    Bravo to you guys who are standing with victim. It can be the first step towards justice.


  3. Brave act of you guys to struggle for justice. Its creepy that KJ and its allied groups violating all rules and controlling government machinery, which is very dangerous happening.


  4. Its a real blistering issue and a big threat to community. These activities should have been stopped in any means.


    • Come on guys, after all, despite your entire critic, Kiryas Joel Village is the best place for a Hasidic Jew to live, you may stop criticizing them.


  5. Really nice efforts by you against such illegal activities via such a creative and professional looking website. Especially, the idea of having different designs for particular pages is Great!


  6. Why are you going to the outside world, do you think anyone cares about you, just follow the mainstream, and now one will bother you.


    • He’s going to the outside world because no one cares in your world. It IS like the Mafia or even worse, like a cult.
      Thank you to the person who created this website and blog. It’s very nice to see some people who think for themselves and know when something isn’t right and speak out against it.


  7. It’s a shame that this is allowed to happen to anyone in America (or anywhere else for that matter). It’s bad enough that it happens but may be worse is that our elected officials allow this to happen and turn a blind eye to it. What can be done to stop it? There are some FB groups that deal with these issues too so people are spreading the word.


  8. Kindly move out from there, you can move to Monsey or Bloomingrove, why do you make blogs which is against what your rabbi wants. not that I’m in any way an aroni or any faction but I know more then you think…


  9. People need to awake and let others awake against such criminal deeds in Kiryas Joel so that there could establish a peaceful environment for present as well as for future Kiryas Joel community. And this Website is the one step forward to such effort. It’s really nice to find that people are getting involved in this fight against criminalism in KJ.


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