Kiryas Joel Petitions to take 507 Acres from Town of Monroe


(KIRYAS JOEL, NY)—Kiryas Joel Village is known by their corrupted leadership which is corrupt from top to bottom. There is no need to dig a lot to get familiar with the Kiryas Joel history. By doing a simple Google search you will find court proceedings and media stories about continuous election fraud, abuse of political power, government and tax funds and violence and corruption. The more you will search the more you will find.

Now Kiryas Joel wants to extend their borders, and annex from the Town of Monroe another 500 plus acres. The people who live in the Town of Monroe are terrified for their well-being, and the security of their future. They feel as if the grave has opened underneath them, and with good reason.

A group of citizens from the Town of Monroe have organized a Political Party named “United Monroe”. They launched a Facebook Page where they ask people to join and support them.
We are fully in support of “United Monroe”. We ask all U.S. citizens to contribute whatever they can to help “United Monroe”.

Very truly yours,
Kiryas Joel

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  1. I used to not understand how such blatant disregard for law could exist but the more I learn, the more I see the connection to the powerful bloc vote.
    It’s a shame and can not continue.


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