Kiryas Joel annexation petition will be fought on all fronts

We counted 250 people inside the Senior Center and many were forced (once again) to stand in the cold outside due to Harley Doles’ refusal to accept the School District’s offer to utilize one of the auditorium’s for board meetings.

To boil down the latest on the annexation issue, there is a definite dispute going on as to who will be “lead agency”. Lead agency is designated by the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) when there is a dispute over which party should have lead agency status.

The purpose for having an entity designated as lead agency is for the SEQRA review process. SEQRA stands for State Environmental Quality Review Act, and this act was created to ensure that a municipality, or in this case, a lead agency, take a HARD LOOK at all environmental and fiscal impacts of an action to be taken. The lead agency will be the determining body throughout this review and it’s crucial that they be unbiased.

Due to the lack of public trust for the current leadership of both the Town of Monroe and Kiryas Joel, this designation is important.

In the last Town Board meeting, the Town Board resolved to be co-lead agency with KJ.

Last night, however, Doles announced that a letter was sent from the petitioners in the annexation’s attorney stating that KJ should be lead agency and NOT the Town of Monroe OR the School District (who has requested to be granted lead agency as well).

Doles then stated that he wants the Attorney General’s office to play a role in ensuring that the annexation is done “perfectly” as he put it, and that the law is followed.

My opinion is that this entire plan, from the so called co-lead agency determination all the way to requesting the Attorney General’s office involvement was skillfully choreographed.

Regardless of lead agency, all can be sure that this annexation will be fought on all fronts. Do not lose hope.

Speaking of hope, Mike Anagnostakis, County Legislator for Newburgh and Montgomery, spoke for the people of Monroe and for the people of ALL of Orange County. He should be thanked for his support and for his passionate and informative speech at last night’s meeting. He informed the Board that the county simply can not afford an expansion of KJ. KJ uses more social welfare and services than a long list of Towns and cities in Orange county combined. Fiscally, Orange County can not afford an increase in population that would result from 507 more high density acreage.

Mayor Purcell spoke as well stating that the Town Board is not representing all of Monroe and he cited examples such as the movie theater situation as well as the Board’s unwillingness to work with the Village to consolidate services to save the taxpayer’s money.

Many others spoke passionately about numerous issues facing the Town. All were met with support and applause from the large crowd.

I’d like to end with my statement at the podium last night which aimed to put the Board on notice as well as to give you all some hope:

To the Town Board of Monroe:

I’m not here to ask questions because I understand you are quite incapable of answering truthfully.

I am here simply to say a few words on the record.

I want you to know, Town Board, that we, the public, will act using all legal means necessary to prevent this 507 acre annexation from happening.

We are creating a movement so large and so powerful, gaining national media attention and the notice of all elected officials in local, state and federal government which will expose the corruption and fraud taking place in Monroe on so many fronts.

We will not stop. We will stay and stand up for our school district. We will stand up for proper zoning. We will stand up for sustainability. We will stand up for the environment. We will stand up to prevent special interests from corrupting and buying elected officials. We will stand up for an end to corruption

We will no longer react to your petty decisions, but will simply act on behalf of the interests of our ever growing community with intellectualism, strength, peace and with the full knowledge that we shall overcome your attempts to oppress us and we will rise up stronger and with more and more resolve to protect Monroe and our way of life which is precious to us.

Emily Convers

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  1. Monroe Town Board, school district to still seek annexation roles despite legal threats from Kiryas Joel

    MONROE – Despite threats of litigation by the Village of Kiryas Joel and landowners, the Town of Monroe and the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District will both continue to lobby for lead roles in the pending analysis of a proposed annexation of 507 acres from the town into the village.


  2. Stealing elections is the same as stealing money. The underlying issue of both is using someone else’s property without their permission.

    The electoral process is not formality you sweat through before you take office. Elections are designed to determine the will of the people.

    Harley Doles got the Town supervisor position through fraud not through a fair election.

    When Harley makes decisions and spends our tax money, he is doing it without our permission.

    He is a burglar, and should be in prison.


    • The town of monroe needs to unite aand get your corrupt officials out of office. Yes you are up against a block vote paying for favors. Yes when the elections take place there are mysteriously not enough ballots in the non KJ districts for all of the voters. Yes, voters are given ballots that can’t be counted. Yes lines are long, machines aren’t working and voters get frustrated after an hour and a half of waiting and just give up. Want to see corrupt politics in action? look no further than Monroe NY.


  3. A letter to our Congressman
    Published Feb 18, 2014 at 4:12 pm (Updated Feb 18, 2014)

    (This is a letter sent to our elected local Congressman. I wonder if I will receive a response.)

    Dear Congressman Maloney,
    I voted for you. I would like to know why you have not attended town/county meetings nor offered to support to the people residing in Orange and Sullivan counties regarding the blatant corruption going on in our in local town governments and the huge and fraudulent land purchases made by Kiryas Joel.

    I have lived in Monroe nearly all of my life and have seen and have been a part of many changes. I raised my family here. My first grandchild will be born in September and I look forward to being able to take him/her to the very same places here that I love and my children love. I love my town for it’s rural quality – the beautiful lakes, the small town stores, the friendliness of our town merchants – to name a few. Monroe-Woodbury schools have an outstanding reputation as well, which has drawn many families to our area.

    The Village of Kiryas Joel wants to annex more than 500 acres of property and wants sole lead agency in doing so. As it is, Monroe is nearing capacity with water, sewer and traffic. High density housing, which is what will take place if the annexation goes through, will not only negatively impact water, sewer, and traffic, but will raise our taxes to the point where no one will be able to afford to live here.

    We have a large movement of people that is against this annexation for all of the right reasons. We want to maintain the rural beauty of our town. We know that we cannot accommodate the huge increase in population that will be using our water and sewer supplies. Our school district will not be able to accommodate the large influx of children that they will be monetarily responsible for – particularly children with special needs. The M-W School District is currently petitioning to have lead agency as it would be greatly affected by this annexation.

    Even though we are proceeding with our stand against this annexation for all logical and ecologically minded reasons, we are now being publicly bashed by an attorney representing the Village of Kiryas Joel named Steven Barshov. He is playing the anti-Semitism card. I resent this. I have had contact with positive feedback with the NYCLU regarding the corrupt measures being taken by the parties pushing the annexation and the false accusations being made to make us (concerned citizens against this annexation) appear to be hateful human beings. This is a bullying tactic and needs to be stopped.

    We have support from Orange County Legislators Mike Anagnostakis and Myrna Kemnitz and from James Skoufis, New York State Assembly. Your web site states that you and your staff are available to assist folks from the Hudson Valley. Our plight has been highly publicized and it involves not only Orange County, but Rockland and Sullivan counties as well.

    Why haven’t we heard anything from you?

    Susan Pendergast


    • The problem is the hasidic block vote is what got sean elected. he was trailing Nan Hayworth until their block vote came in. Democratic corruption is what is behind this annexation and why it has been allowed to progress as far as it has. Cuomo accepted a payoff for his support. NY state needs a wake up call to never cast a vote for a democrat again. Look at the taxes you pay. Look at what gas costs you compared to your neighbors in NJ. Look at the fact that this illegal annexation is progressing like it has. Block votes, payoffs and democratic corruption


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