Join the fight to stop the abuse of political power by KJ Village and its allies

Background of KJ Village:

For years there has been and still is ongoing and continuous Federal and State constitutional, civil rights and other law violations in KJ village. The religious groups in KJ village dominate Federal and State Courts when it suits them, in order to get favorable one sided decisions made by Courts.

The sole purpose of this site is to expose in public the real picture of the Kiryas Joel Village, The village is thoroughly controlled by an organized body of religious groups under color of law. These religious dictators and fanatics always work to silence the voices of those who speak for freedom and justice – a real threat for their complex and ruthless political machinery.

People are completely deprived of their political powers and rights, facing harassment on a day to day basis in KJ Village. Because of their systematic discrimination – the residents face increased violations of their right to complete liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, even mere free thought or belief. These religious groups consider themselves above the law and believe the courts and justice system is in their hands. They are working to crush moderate voices against their extremist’s voices.

Voice Against Terror:

In 2010 when a brave resident spoke out against these activities and started campaigning against forced divorces – he was threatened. The religious extremists used their entire arsenal of inhumane and cruel tactics to silence his voice, they then involved some officials of Orange county and plotted the drama. Finally after facing so many troubles the victim knocked at the door of the federal court for justice and protection. The powerful mafias along with the religious groups used their political influence to contact the federal judge presiding over the case “Judge Briccetti” to dismiss the case. They succeeded and Judge Briccetti did what they demanded. The victim is now involved in a second lawsuit in federal court to set aside Judge Briccetti’s one sided and fraudulently induced actions.

This Forum.

We have decided to provide you with an online forum where you can share your experiences and opinions. By contributing comments, suggestions and queries shared in public, it can stop further abuse of political power. Together we have the power to save the most suffering community – KJ Village.

We are in need of complete exposure thru online publishing and public understanding to stop injustice and obnoxious behavior. Through our website we want to establish exposure and relationships that work towards our common concern that is to eliminate mafia-type KJ political machinery.

We welcome all your comments on our blog page. You can also communicate privately which will be kept confidential on our contact page, this would be of much value for us. you can also send an email to

Please support us in this fight against injustice, cruelty and corruption. Join us to stop misuse of political power, government and tax funds misused for violence and control and corruption. For further information please browse our website, send an email and share with friends and politicians right now!

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  1. Nice step, especially there is one most influential line in this blog that is “Together we have the power to save the most suffering community”… If we follow this only single line then there can be a big change in Kiryas Joel to setup a peaceful environment.


  2. We appreciate your efforts to stop the misuse of political power, government and tax funds.

    We are fully in sport of your good work to expos the KJ corruption, will do our best to spread the word.


    July & Christ Emily


    • Dear Mr. & Mrs. Emily,

      I cannot stop you from spreading the word, but what is the logic behind it? Because one individual is unhappy, you want to destroy the whole community?

      I personally believe that you are wrong.


      • Mr. Lowy, what’s the harm in looking into things, if, as you say, this is nothing more than the mere discontent of a single individual?

        If there is nothing to hide, then the community should have no fear. However, I seriously doubt that this is the case…The time has come for transparency, for fairness and equality. People want to live in a peaceful community. There is no peace when you feel as if you live with dishonesty. So please, open the doors and show us all we are wrong…


  3. I know so many people, residence of the KJ village, I know the system there very well, they are very nice and inelegant people, they have so many organization’s to help people in need, in every situation, not only Jews, but every human being. The village of KJ operates under the law, with a wonderful powerful Legal team to serve each and every residence of the village, they will never discriminate anyone. they have already faces so many challenges by a few unhappy people, self hating Jews are trying to destroy the village, but they were never successful in doing so for one simple reason: Because each and every politician, from the local once throughout NYC, Albany and even Washington know that this 30 year old village are a symbol of a honesty, and intelligence. And they are respectful by everyone. And I can insure you one thing: you guys are just wasting your time, Because whoever tried to hurt the village of KJ ended up losing the battle.

    The mayor of KJ is a very respectful guy, someone who will do everything in his power to bring peace between the 2 fractions in the village. Whoever dreams to succeed in this nonsense mission to close down this village should just know that your afford is worthless, and you you guys gonna end up as the biggest losers. Because we all know the truth here. This is all about hate! It has nothing to do with fighting corruption, nothing to do with fighting abuse! Just hate, hate, and again hate!

    And here is my advice to you guys behind this Childish act; go get a life, go do something with your life, life is too short to west it with such worthless acts. Go get some degree, get a hospital Job, do something meaningful, go help other people in their needs. I can see that you guys are starving and hungry for a little attention, I guess you guys never got some love from your parents, and your going through very painful situations. You can find very good therapists and doctors to help you with your mentally Difficulties. ( the village of KJ might be able to help you find the right Doctor…) just think before writing, before opening a website, Because you might find your self stuck in a very deep ditch, full of Fantasies and hatred that will destroy your life. Go get some medical attention before it’s too late.

    Good luck! And thanks for sharing your sweet dreams! LoL


    • Hello Garry. Clearly English is not your primary language, so I will write slowly…I can PROMISE you that my interests in accountability do not stem from hatred, but rather an interest in why the loving, caring individuals that act as leaders for KJ seem to allow blatant misappropriations of funds and disregard for the law? It’s so interesting that questions about the use of funding for a Women’s aftercare center that seemed to include an illegal mikvah facility get brushed under a carpet of political secrecy; this is of course blame to be shared between KJ and old government collectively, but is blame nonetheless. The problem, Garry, is that the veil of secrecy that exists, while sneaky property purchases are made and pipes are built despite pending injunctions…these are the reasons for concern. Such a chillul HaShem…


  4. Thank you for creating your site. It’s very informative and sheds some much needed light to the struggles that some are facing in that community.


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