Fraud Elections in KJ (November 5th, 2013)

From United Monroe:

Posting rules: Hello all. In order for this movement for change and equal representation to continue and to eventually succeed, we must stick to the main purpose and vision of United Monroe, which is equal treatment and representation for all. Please follow the guidelines below for future posting:

1. Please refrain from generalizing about an entire community- we in United Monroe are concerned with the KJ leadership and the Monroe leadership and their obvious abuse of power.

This has nothing to do with the individual citizens of KJ who we believe are not being informed, much like the 500 or so people in Monroe (outside of KJ) who voted for Harley Doles and Sandy Leonard as well as the 5,700 Monroe citizens who didn’t come out to vote. There is no shortage of apathy, misinformation, and ignorance in ALL of Monroe

2. Please refrain from personal attacks. We don’t care what anyone weighs, what they look like, and please also refrain from profanity.

3. Please consider your purpose for posting. Is it informative, productive or insightful? If not, perhaps you should reconsider posting. We encourage polite and meaningful discourse. If anyone posts anything about any particular group in a way that is irrelevant to the corruption of the leadership of our Town Board and the leadership in the Village of Kiryas Joel, the post will be removed.

Please understand that our efforts to end the corruption, and to preserve the quality of life in Monroe must not be thwarted or derailed by aggressive or inappropriate posts which can easily discredit or even taint our positive movement for change. Please help us to keep this page a productive, informative and positive place to visit.


The United Monroe Team.

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