Fraud Elections in KJ (November 5th, 2013) #3

The Town Board sent out a flyer this week filled with propaganda. This is not surprising since they were not re-elected by the citizens outside of KJ and are trying to shift their well deserved reputation for not caring about ALL of the citizens of Monroe. So, what can you do to make a difference in Monroe now that the election is over?

You can show up at the Town Board meeting Monday at 7:30pm at the Monroe Senior Center on Mine Road. In great numbers, we can show the Town Board that we are not going anywhere. We can show them that for the same reasons we showed up last year after their irresponsible purchase of the movie theater- we are still here. Meet me after the meeting and I will share with you the next steps that the “Save the Monroe Movie Theater” group and the United Monroe Party are taking. Hope to see you Monday night.

Emily Convers

Many of you want to know what you can do, how you can help, what is happening next…well, here’s what you can do: Plan on attending tomorrow night’s Town Board meeting at 7:30pm. Showing up in large numbers will send the message that we’re paying attention and we’re not going anywhere. According to our sources, it is looking more and more as if Harley Doles will not appoint a United Monroe candidate for the vacant seat on the Town Board. If this information is true, this decision is completely unacceptable. We must stay involved. If you want to be personally filled in on the latest actions the United Monroe party is taking, please see me after the Town Board meeting. Monday, 7:30pm, Monroe Senior Center, Mine Rd., Monroe, NY. I hope to see you there.

Emily Convers

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