Fraud Elections in KJ (November 5th, 2013) #2

From United Monroe:

Please e-mail or write to the Town Board with the following message:

Attention: Town Board of Monroe, NY

This letter is in response to the request for resume’s to be sent to you for your review in order to fill the vacant seat on the Town Board since Councilman Doles will be vacating it to become the next Town Supervisor.

Consider this letter a formal request to appoint a candidate from United Monroe to fill the vacancy since almost half of the voting public, and 97% of the votes outside of the one Village of Kiryas Joel, went to the United Monroe party candidates.

To look elsewhere to fill the seat would be an insult to over 6,000 citizens who voted United Monroe on November 5th.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this important matter.

[your name]

To email the Town Board, cut and paste the above and send your e-mail to:

To mail a letter, send to the attention of The Town Board at 11 Stage Road, Monroe, NY 10950.

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