1,000 at Kiryas Joel riot at dissident Rabbi’s arrival

Police Probe Riot At Satmar Village

August 4, 1995 | Douglas Feiden

NEW YORK — A riot in Kiryas Joel at which rocks, bricks and eggs were hurled — and a dissident rabbi was branded “Public Enemy No. 1” — is triggering a state police investigation into violence in the Satmar community as the rabbi’s backers express new fears for their personal safety.

The melee on Sunday erupted as some 1,100 supporters of the Chasidic village’s religious leader, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, descended on a meeting hall where more than 500 people were attending a fund-raiser for a Brooklyn synagogue run by the dissident, Rabbi Chezkel Roth. Loyalists of Rabbi Teitelbaum allegedly …

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Hasidic Men Riot Over Visit of Rabbi

Published: August 02, 1995

Five police agencies quieted a rock- and egg-throwing riot of an estimated 1,000 Hasidic men, sparked by a dissident rabbi’s visit this week.

The Sunday night melee left one person injured and eight vehicles damaged and resulted in six arrests, the authorities said.

The Hasidic men protested the visit of Grand Rabbi Chezkel Roth, who attended a fund-raiser for his Brooklyn congregation. Rabbi Roth has sided with opponents of a Kiryas Joel rabbi, Aaron Teitelbaum.

Among other points of contention, Rabbi Roth and his followers have opposed the creation of a public school district to educate Kiryas Joel’s 200 handicapped students.

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1,000 At Kiryas Joel Riot At Dissident Rabbi’s Arrival

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